Midsummer | 395 kr

You can also stay for a Midsummer weekend.

The summer solstice is the reason why we celebrate Midsummer. Ever since pagan times, Swedes have been eager to feast through the longest day of the year, on or around June 21.

A real Swedish Midsummer meal must contain pickled herring, Swedish new potatoes with dill and sour cream and for dessert Swedish strawberries with whipped cream and vanilla ice, so of course this is what we serve in our restaurant today!

We also offer our À la Carte menu at regular prices. We're open for both lunch and evening dining.

Just a few minutes walk from Röstånga Gästgivaregård there will arranged a traditional celebration, dressing the midsummer pole in leaves and flowers, and Midsummer dancing will take place, accompanied by folk musicians (not our arrangement).

Did you know that if a young woman picks seven different flowers and lays them under her pillow on the night to Midsummer Day, she will supposedly dream of her future spouse? (In the name of equality, this flower trick probably also works for young men.)


We are here!

Address: Marieholmsvägen 2, 268 68 Röstånga
Email: info@rostangagastgivaregard.se
Phone: +46 435 917 80
Fax: +46 435 917 87

Lunch is served at 11.30 - 15.00.

Please note that if you are a party of eight guests or more, the food is pre-ordered when booking.

News & Offers

With us you can celebrate all major holidays. We always offer traditional menus and buffets for all occassions. Also weekend offers.

From W9 we're open Tuesday - Sunday at 11.30 - 14.30. In the evening, reservations only. Please contact us to know our opening hours!

About us

Our ambition is for Röstånga Gästgivaregård to be your first choice when it comes to good dining, a comfortable hotel stay, celebrating a wedding or an anniversary, enjoying a Sunday dinner with your family and arranging conferences or activities for your company.