Fathers Day | Smörgåsbord 495 kr

Celebrate your father with our "Smörgåsbord". The buffet is filled with 8-10 varieties of pickled herring, varieties of salmon, ham, roast beef, "Janssons Frestelse", Scanian apple charlotte and more... Coffee is included.

Goose | Menu 550 kr

Black soup and giblet
(Alt 1: Homemade mushroom soup. Alt 2: Chef's Gravlax toast)
Roasted goose, fried potatoes, goose gravy, homemade apple purée and brussel sprouts.
Scanian apple charlotte with vanilla sauce and whipped cream

À la Carte and Dish of the day

Our lunch À la Carte will be served during Fathers Day, as well as our Dish of the day, which will be Black & White. Afterwards you can choose from our dessert buffet.


We are here!

Address: Marieholmsvägen 2, 268 68 Röstånga
Email: info@rostangagastgivaregard.se
Phone: +46 435 917 80
Fax: +46 435 917 87

Lunch is served at 11.30 - 15.00.

News & Offers

With us you can celebrate all major holidays. We always offer traditional menus and buffets for all occassions. Also weekend offers.

We're open Tuesday - Sunday, both daytime and in the evening. Please contact us for detailed opening hours. Welcome!

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Our ambition is for Röstånga Gästgivaregård to be your first choice when it comes to good dining, a comfortable hotel stay, celebrating a wedding or an anniversary, enjoying a Sunday dinner with your family and arranging conferences or activities for your company.